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Recap of Beginning CrossFit, and Paleo Low Carb Weight Maintenance

This is more of an update on how I’m doing post, as it’s been a while.

Weight has gone up some since starting CrossFit. I’m around 195, up from 191. I would be concerned about that if it weren’t for the noticeable loss of body fat as well as the addition muscular definition and lean mass. That’s after just a couple of weeks of CrossFit, doing two WODs per week. I’ve surprisingly ‘leaned out’ pretty quickly – noticeably in my belly. My shoulders have toned up as well. I had some folks who haven’t seen me in a while come up to me recently and comment that my overall build has transitioned to more of an athletic one, versus just a ‘not fat anymore’ one.

But it’s not all been positive. I’ve struggled mightily with aches and pains. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m concerned that during one of these WODs I’m gonna pop a tendon or dislocate a shoulder or something. After not doing anything physically active for the majority of my life to then, over the last year and a half doing the occasional medium-intensity/cardio stuff like orienteering, or running in that 5k, my body just isn’t able to cope yet with the rigors of a hardcore CrossFit routine. I think I’ve been too ambitious with regards to my approach to the WODs and activity outside of the WODs. My body was so sore and I just felt lethargic and shitty in-between WODs. That’s not cool. But the strained hamstrings, starting with just one and then the other, were the final straw. To the point where I had to take this past week off from CrossFit. I didn’t want to, believe me. Admittedly, my brain was telling me to lay off, but my ambition was telling me to push through and go, even though BOTH hamstrings were stinging and obviously strained. Fortunately, the decision was made for me as a relative asked me to help him work on remodeling his kitchen, so I took a couple of days off from work and spent them tearing up a combination tile (including concrete backerboard and old linoleum underneath) and hardwood floor. It was pretty arduous work. Then the family was off to Hershey Park for a couple of days (no, I didn’t eat much of the chocolate). Then back for another day of kitchen remodeling, this time removing 30+ year old wallpaper. Anyone that’s ever done that knows it absolutely sucks. But it wasn’t all that physically demanding compared to the other stuff. There was no way I could fit a WOD in this week even if my hamstrings weren’t yelling at me.

Yesterday I was tempted to go running or do some type of workout, but decided to take one more day to let the hamstrings heal. Plus, honestly, I was burnt out. So today I’m doing absolutely nothing, as evidenced by two blog posts in one day!

Tomorrow I’ll start back up again and do the WOD, and then tomorrow evening there is a nutritional seminar at the box. I’m pretty sure it will likely be an intro to Paleo, which I certainly don’t need, but I am the type that learns something no matter how many times I go to a class, listen to a topic, etc. Plus, I love meeting other people who geek out on this stuff like I do. I will have some questions regarding ‘fueling up’/post-workout recovery strategies, etc. But my guess is that the other participants will be completely new to paleo and thus I’ll step aside and let them ask the, “But don’t you need healthy whole grains for fiber?” and “Don’t you need to eat pasta or oatmeal before a 5k?” type questions.
So that’s where it’s at these days in regards to CrossFit and my weight. This coming week will be pivotal – I am hoping that this week will see a reduction in the time it takes to recover from the WODs. If not, I’ll question whether it is worth it. I am also going to start trying to think through the approach so that I’m not dying one round in anymore. I’m so weak and inflexible (physically!) compared to everyone else at the box that I have been reluctant to scale *too* much but I’m going to take it easier this week as much as is possible given the situation.
Lastly – I’ve secured a new domain name:
It makes sense. With the transition from fat guy to not fat guy to now athletic/CrossFitting guy (hopefully, eventually), I am squarely in the Paleo (really Primal, as I still do some dairy) camp and ultimately I think that’s where everyone should be aiming to be diet-wise. Not to take anything away from the pure low carb approach – it is absolutely essential to losing and maintaining weight loss and overall health. But, for me, food quality is now as important as carb counts.

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