How ya been?

Short post here. No, it’s not another apologetic post about how sorry I am for not posting recently, along with the requisite, “I’ll be posting more often I promise!”

Fact is, I stuck to a low carb, high fat diet for many years. WAY longer than most of the self-proclaimed experts out there. Started WAY before “keto” was a label and used by anyone outside of competition bodybuilders who used it for pre-competition cutting, only to carb load the day of (and beyond).

I’m not going to write much about this other than to say I have come to the conclusion, after having some very minor ups and downs with my weight fluctuating ~5lbs both ways, but primarily successfully maintained my weight loss of 90lbs for a decade now, that a low carb diet is optimal, it is also a prescriptive one that seemingly solves a hormonal issue. I don’t care to argue with anyone on this so will cut this short – I’ll no longer be posting here. Had I titled this blog “Keto Learning” instead when I started it many years ago, I’d probably be rich : ). I never pivoted when that trend was obvious, and now I prefer to not ruminate on diet.

If you want to keep up with my writing you can! I’ll maintain my blog here. I have been diagnosed with cervicular myelopathy, so if you’re interested in personal finance, health and fitness, and cervicular myelopathy (lol) then check me out there.