Paleo Low Carb Almond Flour Pancakes

I’ve never been a big fan of trying to convert a bad food to a paleo or low carb version. I’ve tried low carb pizza, paleo pancakes, etc. It’s all been a big fail, for the most part.

And, in the pursuit of honesty, the following recipe is not worth the time or hassle 99% of the time. But…for a very once in a while break from the usual eggs and meat or vegetable combination that most of us healthy eaters partake in as part of our daily ritual called breakfast, the below recipe is probably the best version of pancakes I’ve tried.

Almond Flour Pancakes

The Ingredients (no, those bagels in the plastic wrap in the back are not mine, nor included in this recipe)
  • 1.5 cups of Almond Flour
  • .5 cup of Coconut Milk – I used the Vanilla flavored kind
  • 3 eggs – other variations of this recipe call for more egg than is needed, but if you want some extra fat/protein then throw in a fourth egg
  • 1.5 tsp Ground Cinnamon or Pumpkin Spice
  • 1.5 tsp of Vanilla Extract – vary the amount to your taste; in my case I used the Vanilla Coconut Milk so I used just .5 tsp and I still didn’t taste any vanilla

Throw all the above into a mixing bowl and then mix with a big spoon. It mixes up nicely and fairly quickly. No need for a mixer. Then, preheat a frying pan (the larger the better), melt some butter if you are okay with dairy. I used a large, make that very large, tablespoon that made for perfect sized pancakes. Not too thin but not too thick.

Mixed Up and Ready for the Frying Pan
Mixed Up and Ready for the Frying Pan

Toppings: butter, fruit – I used blackberries, which are my least favorite berry but they were buy one package get one free this week…

If you don’t mind the sugar spike then some honey drizzled over top is a good idea, as these things cry out for sweetener of some sort.

If I could do it all over again I’d try making a blackberry and heavy cream sauce of some sort instead of just wimping out and going with the honey.

The Verdict

I know this is where I’m supposed to gush about how wonderfully tasty the recipe is. That’s what every other blogger seems to do. But I would be lying if I did. The verdict is an honest:

2.5 out of 5 stars. They were okay. They were worth a go. A nice break from the usual eggs. 

Just 'Okay' - Not a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down
Meh. They were okay, not great! (that’s a “Thumb’s Middle” versus a “Thumb’s Up!” sign.

Meh. They were okay. Somewhat tasty with a little bit of drizzled honey over them. I’m glad I made them, but quite frankly, if it weren’t for the side of bacon I made with them, they would have been too bland. Do yourself a favor and forego all these ‘low carb pizza dough’ (not to confused with my wife’s delectable portobello mushroom pizza) and ‘paleo pancakes’ and other stuff and just stick with eggs. It could be just my cooking skills but I doubt it. Whenever I get an itch to try one of these goofy ass recipes, it always results in an honest ‘Meh.’

Before trying this out I researched some variations of how to make these things on the internet. Without fail, the recipe blog poster would always end with the infamous ‘kid test’, where they’d include a pic of their kid smiling with utter glee after eating a stack of the almond pancakes. Well, I guess I need to do the same. Here is the reaction from my kid after he tasted a tiny morsel of my delectable pancakes:

Thumb’s Down!

‘Nuf said.

What are your thoughts on the topic of trying to make junk (like pancakes, pizza, bread, etc.) healthy by making it ‘paleo’? If you have any links or suggestions for some new paleo-friendly recipes, please leave a comment. I really need to start cooking more.

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Hi There!

I am a 40 somethings Professionally trained chef and culinary instructor… My husband(he’s a chef too) and I are also eating Paleo and are doing amazingly well.. Would you mind if I made a few comments and suggestions on your pancake recipe? It’s along the lines of food science and flavor perception..and basically “balance”.

First, when cooking any food, and especially very simple foods, professional chefs look for a balance of Salt, Pepper (piquancy), acid (ei,thru lemon juice, vinegar, tomato acids, wine reduction, fruit and vegetable acids, etc. ), and sweetness (even the tiniest amount adds ‘balance’).

Second, the recipe you submitted, did not have any of these components. I realize you’re cooking Paleo, but you ARE allowed to have a tiny bit of honey, and salt, and for the most part, flavor.

Third, All food needs to appeal to our senses, and without “balance” of flavors, food is not exciting or dimensional. While these changes may not change YOUR mind about these pancakes, it may make them more palatable for those who enjoy regular pancakes, to switch to a more diet friendly recipe.

I would like to politely, and gently advice you and those who read your blog.. to remember to add salt, and a little ,little sweetener to this recipe. Plus, a small squeeze of lemon juice will improve the flavor (might as well add the zest to the batter too)…Additionally, you might add a little baking soda or baking powder, as your recipe does not have a leavening agent (incidentally, the acid helps activate the baking powder)..

Again, in your blog you mentioned you were not much of a cook, so I thought I would politely help you out, as I travel all over the US cooking for private clients who want to eat Paleo. We are all a community, so I hope you don’t mind a little food science. Have a fantastic day, and keep it up!

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