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My Favorite Low Carb Fast Food

I’m a realist. Although when I read wonderful websites like Mark Sisson’s site and others, I do so very aware of the 80/20 rule, knowing that I’ll break it. And although I espouse carbs, truthfully I take a 90/10 rule towards carb intake. Why? Because it’s basically impossible to not eat carbohydrates. They’re everywhere, and will remain to be so. What I do is avoid the high-carb stuff.

Ideally, I would cook every meal/snack that I eat. But with a wife and two young kids, who do not eat like I do (though I’m hoping this will eventually change), this just isn’t realistic. For a number of reasons, including:

  • Quality food costs more
  • Meats, cheeses, etc. Heck, even beef jerky is freakin expensive for the amount you get!
  • I can’t afford to buy food for everyone else and then for me
  • I’m too lazy to cook myself
  • I can eat the same things most days
    • Eggs and bacon for breakfast
    • a big ass salad for lunch, if I’m not on the go for work
    • My wonderful wife almost always keeps me in mind when cooking dinner, so I can usually eat what the family eats for dinner, I just don’t eat the sides like potatoes, rice, pasta, french fries, french bread, corn, etc. etc. etc.
    But what about lunch when I’m on the go and can’t make my own Big Ass Salad?

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    Coffee – My LCHF and Exercise Miracle Drug

    Disclaimer: this post is strictly opinion/observations. There are plenty of fat people (their drink of choice is typically the Grande Salted Caramel Mocha) drinking Starbucks coffee. I hope the info helps.

    Back last winter when I started this new life of LCHF eating and working out, it just so happened to coincide with a radical change in my job responsibilities. I didn’t change employers, nor did I change job titles, but my actual responsibilities changed greatly and the stress level increased exponentially. But more importantly to my diet/WOL (‘WOL’ is ‘Way of Life’) – my new job role allowed me to work from home 95% of the time. Prior to last winter, I worked in a cubicle most days, working from home maybe one or two days per week but usually not even a full day). I had more people reporting to me back then (if you want to call it that – we have  a pretty autonomous work environment), and since the products/services we were focused on had been in the market for years, everyone was pretty much on auto-pilot in terms of day-to-day work.


    Review of an old book – Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution

    As my wife, friends, and acquaintances will probably tell you – I can’t shut up regarding how much I appreciate the work of those who have started to put an end to the misinformation out there regarding what a proper diet for the typical person is, and more specifically, how a fat person becomes fat and how to reverse it.

    Over the past year I’ve been reading constantly – research studies. theories, opinions, and lots of bullshit (unfortunately most of which has come from people who should know better – doctors, nutritionists, and most sadly – our government).

    During my weight loss journey, when people ask me what I’m doing to lose weight, I tell them one of the following, depending on my mood: