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My Favorite Low Carb Fast Food

I’m a realist. Although when I read wonderful websites like Mark Sisson’s site and others, I do so very aware of the 80/20 rule, knowing that I’ll break it. And although I espouse carbs, truthfully I take a 90/10 rule towards carb intake. Why? Because it’s basically impossible to not eat carbohydrates. They’re everywhere, and will remain to be so. What I do is avoid the high-carb stuff.

Ideally, I would cook every meal/snack that I eat. But with a wife and two young kids, who do not eat like I do (though I’m hoping this will eventually change), this just isn’t realistic. For a number of reasons, including:

  • Quality food costs more
    • Meats, cheeses, etc. Heck, even beef jerky is freakin expensive for the amount you get!
    • I can’t afford to buy food for everyone else and then for me
  • I’m too lazy to cook myself
  • I can eat the same things most days
    • Eggs and bacon for breakfast
    • a big ass salad for lunch, if I’m not on the go for work
    • My wonderful wife almost always keeps me in mind when cooking dinner, so I can usually eat what the family eats for dinner, I just don’t eat the sides like potatoes, rice, pasta, french fries, french bread, corn, etc. etc. etc.
But what about lunch when I’m on the go and can’t make my own Big Ass Salad? Or when the family is out and I come home from work to an empty home and no dinner waiting for me? Well, my go to place is often a place that will surprise you. I go to Wendy’s! Yes, the fast food place. Why? Because of the wonderful BLT Cobb Salad.
Wendy's BLT Cobb Salad - It Actually Looks Better in Person!
Wendy's BLT Cobb Salad - It Actually Looks Better in Person!
Don’t laugh. I’ve ordered and eaten this salad probably 30 times over the past year, and it has always been prepared with fresh ingredients. On the rare occasion when I can stand to ‘eat in’ at the Wendy’s, when they hand me my tray with this thing on it it gets stares of envy from the rest of the customers waiting in line, because they typically leave the lid off of it. I swear – it makes for a damn fine presentation, I guess because it’s the coolest looking dish the cooks make there so they take extra pride in it. While the ‘grilled’ chicken sure seems microwaved, the bacon, hard-boiled eggs, blue cheese, lettuce, etc. are all spot on. And the dressing that comes with it, Avocado Ranch dressing is excellent. A full-size BLT Cobb salad is 12g of carbs, when you don’t remove anything and use both packets of dressing (which is more than enough). I’ll take that any day.
Wendy's BLT Cobb Nutritional Info
Wendy's BLT Cobb Nutritional Info

Here is the link to the nutritional info for this salad on their site. Be forewarned Рthere is a bug with their site Рit keeps adding 1 to the quantity field. When I first went there it said 37g of carbs and I almost cried! Then I noticed it had defaulted to a quantity of 3 salads! Refreshing the page made it 4, and so on.

No, I’m not receiving any compensation or kick-backs from Wendy’s for this post. Just ‘keepin it real’ yo! Try this salad and leave a comment. I guarantee you will love it.

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