Still Losing Weight and Feeling Great

My progress has been good, though very erratic/strange (to me, anyway). I’ll go 2 to 3 weeks with no weight loss and then bam, a pound a day for 3 or 4 days. It’s just odd.

Regardless, I currently weigh in at 212lbs. As of November 1, 2010, I weighed 258.

I’m still following the principles in Taubes’ Why We Get Fat book, with one key exception – in early May I joined a gym ( and have been working out daily ever since. Not because I force myself too, but because I actually enjoy it. When I tried low-fat diets in the past I always hated working out. Watching the really fat people do senseless fitness routines these days at the gym reminds me of those days. I feel sorry for them. I want to scream out to them, “Get off the damn treadmill, dude, and do the following: