Fat Loss 101

I am still working on a permanent page to put information for beginners on how to lose fat (weight) safely and effectively. I make a point of trying out new techniques and theories all the time, so it will be a constantly evolving page.

For now, here is a link to a previous post I wrote that outlines the basics.

In addition, here is a video in which the basic principles of this way of eating (notice I avoid the term ‘diet’) are outlined and discussed:

Good luck, and keep us posted on your success!

3 replies on “Fat Loss 101”

I really enjoyed reading your website. It is extremely helpful reading about someone who has personally done this diet. I could not find any of your menus or food journal. If its out there please send me the link.

Hi Debbie,

I never kept any type of journal or log, or any set menu.

That said, I will write up a post on this subject as it is important as I do get asked once in a while ‘What exactly did you eat?!?’, and it’s a great question for newcomers to this way of eating. In a nutshell: I ate whatever I wanted so long as it was low in carbs. But I know that’s not enough info. Look for a detailed post about this within the next day!


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