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Exciting Stuff

Some exciting stuff happening that I wanted to share.

Podcast Appearance

I’ve been asked by Jimmy Moore to be a guest on his Low Carb Conversations podcast! Recording is set for this Saturday, with the tentative air date of June 22nd. I’ll be sure to blog about the experience. I am very excited about it, as these types of podcasts really helped me during my weight loss journey and I still listen to them for tips and to hear of others experiences, what works/doesn’t, etc. Not to mention it will be wonderful to get to meet and chat with the hosts, Jimmy and Mindy. If you don’t currently subscribe to Jimmy’s podcasts (he has a few of them), I highly recommend them.

Site Redesign/Will Work for Food (if it’s low carb!)

First off, as you can see, the site has been re-designed. Still a bit bland for now but getting there. I’ve switched over from a modified stock site theme/design to one built using the latest Headway theme framework for WordPress. So far I like it and I will continue to enhance it.

On that note – in addition to my day job, I used to do quite a bit of part-time freelance web development work, primarily within the Adobe Flash ecosystem (along with some java, python, and straight-up html/js mixed in). Thanks to Steve Jobs (RIP), that ecosystem is dying a slow but certain death. Recently, through word of mouth, some new small website gigs have pulled me back into the fray and I must say – I’ve enjoyed it. My latest web projects still under development include a fledgling social network for artists, and a simple site redesign for a financial planning firm. So, if you’re looking for a cheap web developer, hit me up!


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