Did my Second CrossFit WOD

So yesterday morning was my second CrossFit group WOD.

Based on the experience of my first group WOD, I was bracing for the worst. I was committed to going no matter what the WOD was going to be, but I figured I’d better at least know what pain was coming my way in advance so that I could mentally prepare. And, to my surprise, the WOD didn’t look too bad:

Choice of 2km or 5km row

Then a “Cash Out” of:

10 Kettlebell Swings @ 55lb for men and 35lb for women
5 Burpees

The cash out was to be done quickly, within a minute, starting on the minute, for 5 minutes. If that’s too confusing for you (it is for me) – basically the cash out had to be done 5 times in a row. I was too slow to actually do it within a minute so I didn’t even look at the clock while going through them.

I was very concerned about the 2km row (you didn’t think I’d try 5km, did you?). I had rowed 500m numerous times as a warm-up and it was always the same: fine for the first 400m and then that last 100m started to hurt. It didn’t help matters when the warm-up for this WOD was….guess what? Rowing! So, after all was said and done, I wound up rowing 2.25km and then the kettlebell swings and burpees. I finished the 2km row in 9:33. I went with the prescribed kettlebell weight for women, 35lb, as I wasn’t sure if I could do it well. That weight turned out to be just about right, though I might have gone a bit more. I don’t think I could have done the 55lb one more than one or two rounds, max.

The result of this WOD for me was that I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT! I was so pleased with myself to actually finish it. The first WOD was such an epic fail in every respect that I figured it would be months before I could complete any. And I was bracing for that reality. So to finish one, and do pretty well on it, was a great confidence boost. Of course, I’m well aware that I got pretty lucky – this WOD played to my strengths (or, more appropriately, my strongest weaknesses). While the first WOD was seemingly perfectly designed to destroy me – a complicated olympic lift followed by a complicated jump-rope technique followed by hand-stand pushups. I was still very sore in my shoulders before starting the rowing yesterday. Today my whole upper-body is very, very sore. I can walk though!

I am forcing myself to do no physical activity today. Tomorrow, if I wake up and am not too sore, and my work schedule permits, I may go back to the box for more torture. Otherwise, I’ll wait one more day for my body to recover, and go Tuesday.

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