The Best Tasting Dark Chocolate for Us Low Carb Paleo Folks Is….

So I’ve been avoiding most sweets, aside from the occasional ice cream indulgence, for quite some time now. But I don’t avoid dark chocolate, so long as it is 85% or higher. I could probably go down to 70% but I find that’s too sweet. A year ago, 85% tasted like garbage. And some brands still do. But trust me – you have to ‘build up’ to the good stuff, and over time, as with other foods, your taste buds change dramatically. Dark chocolate is no different.

Everyone knows that it’s good stuff, unlike milk chocolate, or white chocolate. So I won’t get into that. My post today is to crown the current best dark chocolate on the market that I’ve tried:

Lindt 85% Is the Best

I’m sure there has to be something better out there, but I’ve yet to find it. Try it and compare! Admittedly, I’m not one to order food off the internet or search all around for the best vendors. I’ve basically gone through all of the options available to the common man such as myself, from places like Acme and the usual grocery chains. Right now I have a Godiva one that might be the worst I’ve tried. The Ghirardelli ones suck too. Especially the one with Sea Salt on it that, while it sounds delicious, is a disaster.

Over at, Mark Sisson did an excellent and extensive review a while back of his top five dark chocolates. They were brands I’ve not seen but will try to get to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s soon to check em out. But, sure enough, at the end he mentions good ole Lindt 85%:

Lindt 85% is another good option, especially if you can’t find any of the above choices. Lindt is available in most standard grocery stores and Walmart. – Mark Sisson

What brands have you tried? Leave a comment below. I’d love to know of some better options.

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The absolute best is Green&Black which has no soy lecithin (my very health conscious son told me to avoid that!), just organic ingredients. This has become my only “sweet treat” and one small square is completely satisfying. I’ve been low-carbing for 13 years and have been tweaking my approach all that time. I have found that the lower my carb intact and the higher the fat, the better I do and that no processed food, just whole, natural foods is the best choice and have recently moved away from any artificial sweeteners. I decided the small amount of cane sugar in the chocolate is OK in small amounts.

Thanks for the comment, Peggy. I just looked and see that Green & Black is available at some stores close to me so I will definitely try it out soon. 13 years – excellent! I think the folks that do well with this way of eating seem to approach it with these same two characteristics:

1. They have no doubt that it is the right way to eat for them and their bodies.
2. They continually experiment to optimize for their bodies and needs.

For me it’s been a process. A year ago I was eating those plastic bags of processed pepperoni slices and microwaving the heck out of it and shredded cheese to simulate a pizza. A few months ago it hit me that I haven’t even thought to do that in months. As I lost the weight, food *quality* became more important. I hope, as I continue on, I’ll have optimized my health to the level that it sounds like you have.

Thanks again!

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