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Excellent Article: Low Carb/High Fat (LHCF) for Beginners

Just stumbled on this doctor’s blog this morning and am glad I did:

I used to subscribe to blogs and keep up on things but my Google Reader lists got to taking up so much of my time each morning that I gave it up cold turkey : ) After discovering this blog I am going to have to change that.

Anyways, this is an excellent post that clearly spells out how to lose weight safely and quickly, and more importantly, keep it off. While the Atkins diet and the like are definitely good, I have always cringed when people associate LHCF with those diets, because you don’t need them. No one does. Just cut out as many carbs as possible and eat lots of fat. Boom. That’s it. You shouldn’t need a book/program to tell you that, or worse, those “eat this, this, and this for breakfast on day one, then eat this, this and this, for lunch, then this…..” lists. That’s ridiculous. The best thing about LHCF is that it is not a “diet” – it is a way of eating for life. It is a paradigm shift, in terms of nutrition, that is simple and effective. Unless you’re a buffoon, you probably don’t want to have to follow lists for what to eat for the rest of your life. Avoid those books.

That said, in the post the writer does specify food suggestions and he has plenty of recipes and the like on his blog. Looking over those will educate you on what a LHCF diet is and the types of foods you should be eating, and not eating. I will soon be posting a series of articles that give my spin on how to get started with LCHF eating as well.

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When I was 15 my family were doing the Atkins diet but in a different way as advised by my aunt who was a doctor at the time and it was exactly this diet I never heard of it before because I don’t think it had a name but since then I had always done this diet to loose weight and it always worked, I would eat high fat foods deep fried meats and pickles and cheeses I didn’t count anything I even eat ketchup at times, cheesy salads it is such a great diet not like high fiber/low fat witch are tasteless gass causing diets that leave u feeling deprived, well for me I love my meat and it worked woders for me 🙂 ps every one in my family done it for a month including me and lost a stone that month… I guess the more u weigh the more u will loose. Xx

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